Required e-Textbook

Title: Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

Author: Rebecca L. Cooney, MSC

Publisher: Great River Learning

ISBN #: 978-168075-3431

Note: The e-Textbook can be purchased at The Bookie via access card ($75) or directly from the publisher ($70). See instructions for accessing the e-text.


Rebecca L. Cooney MSC
Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: GOERTZ 205
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone: (509) 335-3911



Chris Cooney
Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: MURROW 207 
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone: (509) 335-5452

Fall 2017 Sections

MWF  |  Goertz 1 lab  |  Aug 21 - Dec 8, 2017

COMSTRAT 310-01 (02762): Chris Cooney (10:10-11:00a)

COMSTRAT 310-04 (02764): Rebecca Cooney (11:10-12:00p)

COMSTRAT 310-02 (02763): Rebecca Cooney (2:10-3:00p)

COMSTRAT 310-03 (09775): Chris Cooney (3:10-4:00p)

Course Resources for Students

Course blog

Blackboard Learn: grades and dropboxes for assignments

e-Textbook Gradebook: participation points and grading related to readings

myWSU: Roster and enrollment status, midterm grades, final grades

Skills Learned in 310

Foundations in Digital Communications

Careers in digital marketing

Technology and tools for digital communication practitioners

Teamwork and group dynamics

Client engagement (presentations and reporting)

Integrated Marketing Communication

Intro to integrated marketing communication and the integrated marketing process

Integrated marketing communications plan

Intro to market research (surveys and social media)

Storytelling in the digital space – 5Ws, audience-centric messaging, earned/owned/paid

Situational Analysis – preliminary research, audience analysis and personas

Branding and positioning (visual and editorial platform)

Digital Marketing and Communications

Customer decision making process (awareness, consideration, purchase, loyalty, advocacy)

Lead management process

Intro to Digital Marketing Toolkit: blogs, social media engagement, websites, online advertising, email marketing

Digital Metrics: SEO, keywords, KPIs, social media metrics, intro to web analytics

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaign planning, implementation, monitoring and metrics

Digital content strategy: user engagement and meeting metrics objectives

Online advertising

Email marketing

Campaign Management

Campaign execution

Communication campaign models – drip messaging, CRM, events

Campaign monitoring and tracking

Campaign metrics, reporting and assessment

Real-time adjustments based on metrics



“The course design was great. The structure allowed for ample team work and guided us through the campaign rather than throwing us into the wind.” - former 310 student

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