COMSTRAT 381 Media Strategies and Techniques (Advertising) is offered in fall, spring and (sometimes) summer semesters. The on-site version of the course uses CooneyClasses as the primary tool for content and assignment information.

Chris began teaching the course in fall 2014. This summer he is on hiatus from teaching the course and will resume classes this fall. Stay tuned for updates coming later this summer.

If you have specific questions about the course, past content or other inquiries - please contact Chris directly.

Chris Cooney is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication and the Director of Digital Initiatives for The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.He has more than 23 years of professional experience, with a focus on strategic marketing, communication, advertising and cross-platform content creation. Chris is a proven leader, team builder, innovator and creative professional.

Chris S. Cooney, MBA
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: 207 MURR
Office Hours: M-F 9-10a or by appointment

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