COMSTRAT 381 Media Strategies and Techniques for Advertising  [3] Course Prerequisites: COM 210; COM 295 or 300, with C or better; certified major in Communications. Development of creative content for persuasive public relations campaigns through different media.

The course is designed for undergraduate students who are poised to generate or improve expertise in writing for marketing  and advertising on multiple media platforms including traditional media (print, broadcast, outdoor) and digital media (online advertising, blogs, web content, and social media). Think of this course as “writing for multiple mediums” using best practices and industry standards for advertising, promotional communications, storytelling, and campaigns. When you leave this class you will have a series of written and visual pieces worthy of your portfolio, as well as the confidence to tackle any task handed to you. It is my goal to aid in your success and growth as a marketing professional.

Required Readings

No specific textbook is required for this course. Students are given specific reading assignments attached to each topic area. Most are articles, blog posts or resource documents created by industry experts.


Course Resources for Students

Course blog (  assignments, schedule, related materials)

Blackboard Learn: grades and dropboxes for assignments

myWSU: Roster and enrollment status, midterm grades, final grades



Chris Cooney
Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: MURROW 207 
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone: (509) 335-5452

Course Objectives

Introduce students to advanced writing techniques used in advertising and marketing campaigns in multiple platforms and media  – improving upon foundational skills already learned in COM 210 and other courses

Reinforce the basics of audience definition and targeting;

Teach students how to write for a variety of assignments typically given to marketing practitioners;

Teach best practices for generating written work in a professional marketing or advertising setting – understanding fundamentals around messaging, research, outlining and drafting copy;

Introduce guidelines for working with clients, developing copy platforms, presenting creative briefs and finished creative materials.

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