The Cost of Volkswagon’s Emissions Deception

September 30, 2015

Volkswagon is " of the most loved and respected brands of all time: a brand that stood for quality, honesty, and a commitment to its customers" In 2014 " VW carried a goodwill valuation of $23 billion on its balance sheet. While goodwill is an intangible asset (it represents the difference between a company's hard assets—cash, plants and equipment, and inventory—and its market suggests the value of the brand:...

Reflective Writing Process

September 27, 2015

Part One: Story Development Who – Who is the story for? The audience for your reflective essay is first and foremost – professors who are vested in the online MA program. These professors are also likely individuals who know you and your previous work. Your secondary audience would be friends, family or coworkers who you share your essay with. So with your primary audience invested professors – consider how you...

Storytelling and Apple

September 9, 2015

In preparation for this week's discussion as you guys gear up for your story drafts and character profiles – please read the following articles + take notes along the way so you can answer the questions noted + contribute to the conversation. What are Apple’s values as a company? What are Apple’s goals related to education? What problem is it trying to solve? How specifically do they hope to solve...

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