COMSTRAT 381 – Creative Media Strategies and Techniques is a writing course offered by The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. The course is designed for undergraduate students who are poised to generate or improve expertise in writing for marketing  and advertising on multiple media platforms including traditional media (print, broadcast, outdoor) and digital media (online advertising, blogs, web content, and social media). Think of this course as “writing for multiple mediums” using best practices and industry standards for advertising, promotional communications, storytelling, and campaigns. When you leave this class you will have a series of written and visual pieces worthy of your portfolio, as well as the confidence to tackle any task handed to you. It is my goal to aid in your success and growth as a marketing professional.


Global Expeditions Info Session

Faculty leaders of this year’s Global Expedition trips to Cuba and Greece (Laura Dubowski, Ryan Risenmay, Jon Elmer, Alison Boggs) will be joined by representatives of the Office of International Programs on Wednesday (October 26) in Goetzen 218/220 at 4:00 P.M.  Free Pizza will be provided, along with overviews of this year’s trip to Cuba and the exciting new Murrow Global Expedition to Greece.

Your Favorite Ads

I thought you would enjoy seeing the ads each of you selected as your “favorite ads.” There are some very good campaigns represented here and some very good posts explaining the strengths of these successful campaigns.

Steph Curry – Drink Healthy (Brita) – Whitney

Viva Glam (MAC)Lizzie

Play 60 Campaign (NFL)Nick

Love Your Curls (Dove)Shewit

Like A Girl (Always)Natalie

Shot on an iPhone (Apple)Jakob

It’s Just Next Door (SNCF Europe)Ashley

Adopt (The Shelter Pet Project) – Harriet

Kevin Butler (Sony Playstation)Drew

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Old Spice)Joe M.

Find Your Greatness (Nike)Madison and Alissa

Festival Poster (Sasquatch Music Festival)Justin

50th Anniversary Campaign (Gatorade)Megan

Belong Anywhere (Air bnb)Jessie

Teach A Man To Fish (Legal Sea Foods)Colby

Man’s Revenge (Red Bull)Jimmy


Use of “classic rock” in campaigns – (multiple brands) – Joe R.




Murrow Mentoring Program

The Murrow Mentoring Program is here to match up students with professionals in the communication field. The purpose of the program is to help create relationships, support and guide students as they start their job search process. 

Applications for the program are due by Friday, September 30.

Apply for the Murrow Mentoring Program >>

381 Blog Post Examples

From time to time I will post examples of completed blog posts and assignments, so you can see what your peers are writing about and the solutions they create. These examples demonstrate either a very thorough, creative, well-written or entertaining submission for the given assignment.

Here are some examples from the first few blog post assignments.

Blog Post #1

Welcome post – Choose Happy (Natalie Swanson)

Welcome post – Everyday Lashes (Lizzie Schueren)

Blog Post #2

The Research post – Nick Nieds (Nick Niedermeyer)

The Research post – Habitual Health (Madi Camp-Chimenti)

The Research post – Inspired Edibles (Vanessa Synoground)

Blog Post #3

People Like Me -A Seafood Diet is Best (Colby Hodgen)

Blog Post #3 – Video Games (Drew Quinlin)

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