Template for Online Portfolio

Site Architecture & Navigational Flow

Your online portfolio is a great way to showcase your biography, skills, qualifications and past course work or projects related to internships and other roles you have played in the communications field. For this assignment, you are required to incorporate the following tabs:

 About (personal narrative/bio)



Samples of Work (minimum of 3)


Contact Me

You will create your own Wix account. You can view my Wix Walk Thru for screenshots and instructions. Ideally, you will save your site with a url associated with your name. For example melissafleuret.wix.com/portfolio. Wix is free but you can upgrade if you are interested in applying Google Analytics, removing the footer ad and securing a unique url.

I do not want to over-prescribe your template - give you a chance to select one that best fits your professional personality and personal brand. On this page I am providing you with some samples and screenshots so you can look at peer student portfolios that were developed last semester. These samples give a good perspective of what is possible, how creativity can be incorporated and how you can showcase your own brand through this digital channel.

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